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5 Top Moving Tips to Make Your Move Easy and Enjoyable

Moving Tips

We know the thought of moving house can make you break out in a cloth-drenching sweat. Relax moving does not have to be chaotic. All it takes is planning using the best moving hacks. Thankfully, as professional movers in Austin, we have enough experience helping people have a wonderful, painless move.

Here are some moving tips to make moving smooth and stress-free.

#1 Schedule Your Move for a Mid-Week, Mid-Month Date

You can save extra bucks when moving by opting for a mid-week, mid-month date. The plan is to move when the rush is low, and the roads are less busy. Moving on weekends, when others are also moving, is a lot expensive. From Monday to Friday, moving companies tend to charge lower rates. It is also cheaper to move in the middle of the month compared to the beginning or end.

#2 Choose a Professional Mover.

You can’t afford to go wrong when it comes to choosing a moving company. Find a mover that has insurance, especially if you are moving fragile items. Also, ask friends and family for recommendations. You should also check website review before picking a mover. Get quotes from at least two moving companies to get the best price for your move.

If you are hiring a mover in Austin, you don’t have to go through all of these. Blue Beaver Movers is one of the best you can find.

#3 Make Sure the Moving Truck Has a Parking Spot.

Before the moving company arrives, reserve a spot where they can park their vehicle. Otherwise, you could end up pissing your neighbors off and getting a parking ticket. Aside from that, finding a parking space beforehand lets you avoid paying extra as your mover won’t waste time searching for a spot to park their truck.

#4 Clean Up the Old Home before Moving Out.

It’s easy to leave things behind when moving. Thus, we recommend that you double check all the cabinets, drawers, and closets before handing over the keys. Also, don’t forget to check each room. Check for damages and make repairs if possible.

#5 Do a Check after the Move.

You should have a list of all the belongings you are moving to your new home. After the move, check off every item or box against those on your list to ensure they all made it to your new home. Also, make sure all the boxes go into the right rooms. Check your furniture and fragile items for damages as the mover’s insurance could cover them. Then, unpack and set-up your new home. Moving can be an enjoyable experience. You just have to practice these moving tips and plan before the big day. With a professional mover in Austin like Blue Beaver Movers, your move will be a walk in the park. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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