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6 Pro Packing Tips for Movers

6 Pro Packing Tips for Movers

As you probably know, packing and moving all your belongings is one big task. Although hiring a professional mover in Austin like us can undoubtedly keep your possessions intact, there are some packing steps you must take to ensure a hassle-free move. We are happy to share some of our top packing tips with you!

#1 One Room at a Time

Moving is a lot easier when you pack room by room. Also, when boxing your possessions, never mix items from different rooms in the same box. It will make unpacking a lot easier. Before labeling, pack the boxes and leave them in the room where they belong.

#2 Reuse Original Boxes

Keeping items in their original boxes is an excellent way to prevent them from being crushed. Shoes, electronics, and small appliances are some of the things that are safer in their original cardboard boxes. Not only does it ensure that they fit perfectly into the box, but you also avoid expending extra money on boxes.

#3 Wrap Breakables with Packing Paper

Dishes and glass cups are delicate items that can break during a move. To prevent them from crashing and breaking, consider wrapping them with packing paper. As you pack each dish or cup, use packing paper around each one.  Alternatively, you can use clothing and linen to keep them safe. Lastly, label the boxes as fragile so the moving company can give them extra care.

#4 Take Photos of Your Electronics Set Up

Take pictures of the connections between your devices before you unhook them. Unless you are familiar with them, take photos of how the cables are connected in your television, sound system, Wi-Fi router, computer, and other electronics. You’ll be able to use them as guides rather than consulting the instruction manuals (let’s face it; you might have lost them) or spending extra cash calling a technician.

#5 Label Everything

Label every item you are moving, and clearly too. Also, to make unpacking a breeze, write the room each box belongs to on the sides and top. It isn’t enough to label boxes ‘library’ or ‘sitting room,’ you should know the content of each of them. Thus, stick an additional label on each box describing the items inside.

#6 Color-Code the Boxes

You can make the moving company more efficient by color-coding every box. Use color for each room, and then mark the same color on each box. Before the arrival of the moving team, pin the correct color label to the outside of each room. The movers will be able to deposit each box where it belongs, saving you the stress of moving boxes from room to room later on. Moving can be a wonderful experience. You just have to practice packing tips and plan before the big day. With an expert mover in Austin like Blue Beaver Movers, your move will be a walk in the park. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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