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How To Pack Clothes For Moving

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Moving from one place to another is not an easy task. Choosing the correct moving company, signing of contacts, packing of your belongings, etc are enough to give an anxiety attack. But one of the biggest pains is to figure out how to pack and move the clothes you want with you. 

The problem does not end here. You would obviously want to make sure that your clothes are wrinkle free, stay clean, not mushed up and stay organized the way you have had them for years.

But there are effective ways to have a hassle-free cloth packing and moving process. A little bit of homework and willing to take effort can help you have an easy and fast-moving day. 

We have gathered some of these productive and helpful packing tips that will simplify your wardrobe moving process.

  • Choose The Clothes You Want To Take With You:

Take a long look at your closet. Decide what you want to keep, sell, or donate. It will not just save you time but do you some good by selling clothes that you do not need (which are in good condition) and give your belongings in charity.

  • Pack off-Seasonal Clothes First:

Why, you ask? For starters, you won’t be using those clothes for the next few months, so it won’t be a problem to arrange these clothes after shifting to the new place later. Pack and label them right so that you know you do not have to unpack right away.

  • Try Using Moving Supplies:

There are many options available for you to try when it comes to using some of the packing methods and moving supplies. For example, wardrobe boxes; allow you to hang the majority of your clothes as it is in the boxes, without any hassle or trouble. You can also try using garbage or vacuum bags to pack your belongings as it is, without causing any harm to your clothes. Lastly, suitcases can be a knight in shining armor, saving you a lot of time and storing most parts of your clothes easily.

  • Pack Your Shoes Separately:

 If your laziness takes over you and you pack your shoes along with your clothes, you will be regretting it once you unpack your stuff in your new home. Loading shoes and clothes together can cause your belongings to become dirty more easily, with stains that won’t leave easily. Try packing your shoes in other cartons, stuffing them with socks or paper, in order to avoid them from getting crushed.

  • Take Precautions

Make sure your clothes are dry and clean before you pack them. Packing then wet and dirty in chaos can damage your clothes, which will be next to ‘throwing them away’. Also, avoid packing your jewelry and other things along with your wardrobe clothes. You do not want to tangle your favorite necklace and tear your sweater at the same time. Hats and other large belongings should be packed in other card boxes, to save them from getting scuffed or crushed.

If you want to make moving day more convenient for yourself and share the load of packing, contact Blue Beaver Movers to speak with our moving professionals and schedule our packers to come to help you.

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