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How to Prepare for Long Distance Moves

If you plan to move to a new country or state, you will need some tips to make your moving experience feel like a walk in the park.

Depending on the where and how your move may need no more than a household truck and an easy drive across state lines. However, if you intend to move long distance, you have to plan well and way ahead, so you don’t find yourself in a fix when trying to put things in place. These awesome tips for moving long-distance will help you have a successful, hassle-free move.

1.   Choose a Trusted Company

Employing the services of a professional moving company is a clever decision.  However, it is important to make findings of the moving company you intend to hire. Preferably, choose based on referrals by friends or colleagues who moved recently and have good reviews. Check the reviews of the company online and confirm that they have an insurance policy in place ­­– the safety of your property is key. More importantly, ensure that they have reliable staff on hand to help you move. Companies who serve as middlemen to outsource contractors and laborers are not your best bet. 

2. Boxing and Labeling

Boxing is an integral part of moving. However, when moving long-distance, it is not enough to box items, labeling boxes according to their content and what area of the new place they will make things easier and more coordinated for yourself and your movers. This is because when it is time to unpack, you may find it hard to identify what box contains what and what box goes where. Labeled boxes save time and energy for you and the movers!

3. Personally secure your valuables

Be careful not to pack personal things or items containing sensitive information into boxes. As much as you can, take your personal items including checkbooks, credit cards, personal diaries, mobile gadgets, and pricey jewelry. In the event that you choose to ride with your moving company, hold on to a personal luggage bag.

4.   Check the Weather

The last thing you want is for bad weather to impede your move. Therefore, you should have an idea of the weather condition of the state you’re moving to. To be on the safe side, plan to move during the summer to avoid getting your property damaged by rain. This way, movers can work under favorable conditions and you are able to supervise without any hassle.

5.   Inventory your items

The best way to be sure that you packed everything and tied all loose ends is to have an inventory; a list of things to be packed, moved and unpacked. This may or may not include to-do lists, receipts, and quotations. This list is useful information for your moving company – to have a definite idea of how much they have to move, and for you – to get accurate pricing. Also, it helps you stay organized, enabling you to track your items during the long haul.

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