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Pool Table Moving Estimate: How Much Does It Cost To Move

Pool Table Moving Estimate

We all love spending time with our friends and family at home while playing a decent pool game on your favorite pool table. We all want to take care of our pool table but when it comes to moving your pool table from your old home to your new home we all struggle to answer a very simple question. Should you move your moving table yourself or should you hire a professional moving company to do this task?

We hereby recommend hiring a professional moving company to move a pool table into your new home. And this is how a new question comes into your mind, How Much Does It Cost To Move A Pool Table? You can find detailed information about the cost to move a pool table below:

There are different factors that affect the price to move your pool table into a new house. Below are some of the important factors:

Table Weight – The weight of the pool table could affect the moving cost. As to lift a heavy pool table would require more help and could cost you a bit more.

Type Of Pool Table: Moving companies have different pricing to shift different types of pool tables. As some pool tables are easy to assemble while others require special help.

Location – The cost of moving a pool table increase or decrease based on how much efforts would movers team need to do to move from one place to another. If you want to shift your pool table on the third floor of the house, you might pay a bit more as compared to shifting it to the ground floor.

Distance – This is the last and most important factor which will increase or decrease moving cost to move a pool table. The cost to shift a pool table locally will be much less as compared to shifting it to a different state.

How Much Does It Cost: As per our experience, moving companies charge between $250-$600 to shift a pool table locally based on above-shared factors. The cost to move a pool table from one state to another might cost you between $500-$1000. Most of the full-service moving companies take care of all the tasks required to move a pool table and make it ready to play on the same day of shifting.

5 Tips To Follow While Hiring A Moving Company To Move A Pool Table

1: Hire an Insured Moving Company

2: Confirm about any extra charges related.

3: Check past reviews of the moving company to ensure a great moving experience.

4: Hire a moving company with at least 4-5 years of experience.

5: Ensure the availability of someone from your friends or family at both places.

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