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Relocation Tips During COVID-19

Relocation Tips During COVID-19

While the world faces a global pandemic situation, everything seems to have stunted. Our daily routines of going to work, hanging out with friends, vacation trips, and many other leisure things, along with the global economy, have been affected drastically. The novel coronavirus is unlike anything our generation has seen until now. Social distancing is the new norm for us now, but that doesn’t stop the process of relocation during this epidemic. 

Relocation during COVID-19 is not going to be a piece of cake; it is certainly going to be stressful and complicated. Not just you have to keep in mind the lockdown and the state of the emergency situation, but also that you will be coming in contact with many people during this process. 

So should you morally drop the plan of relocating? 

Keeping in mind some key points and safety procedures, we think nothing should come in way of your relocating plan. How though? 

Here, we come to your rescue. Below we outline some important points and measures to move safely during this global pandemic. 

  1. Hygiene Should Be Your Utmost Priority: You must be aware of this by now, but it is important to keep in mind the importance of hygiene during your process of relocation. Keep in hand enough hygiene products (like sanitizers) for your family members and the movers who will be helping you to move from one place to another. This brings us to our second point.
  1. Are Movers Available? Certainly, as it comes under the transportation services. Many states consider moving in as an ‘essential service’; hence the moving services are definitely available to you
  1. Social Distancing: Many relocating services have upgraded their priority list by putting social distancing as number one because of this deadly pandemic that we are facing. It is necessary that everyone maintains a social distance during this process to avoid being infected and keeping others safe. 
  1. Don’t Use Old Cardboard Boxes: Using the boxes of home products that you kept safe before using it in future will surely help you save money, but that isn’t the best idea right now. The novel coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 24 hours or so, putting you and the moving services workers in grave danger. We suggest you to uplift your budget a little and buy new boxes. 
  1. Avoid Unnecessary Contact: Sure, you are excited to move into a new neighborhood and new people, but staying home and avoiding such contacts will help you not regret later. In fact, when you move into your new home, ask your realtor to keep things open such as cupboards, cabinets, etc without touching anything before it gets sanitized. Use masks and gloves while arranging things or furniture in your house and maintain a good distance while doing it.

Being a moving company in Austin, we suggest people who in the ‘red zone’ or ‘high-risk group’ to postpone or avoid their relocation process in order to stay uninfected from this deadly virus. COVID-19 has brought a wave of horror and fear with itself, but life must go on to create a better future.

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