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Things to Know When Choosing A Moving Company

Choosing a moving company is an important responsibility. You want to find the moving company that fits your moving needs best. You want to consider things like, are they fully insured, do they hire day laborers or temps, what is their reputation, do they have the right equipment and trucks, etc.… We will discuss all of this in detail to help you be able to determine which moving company is best for you.

When choosing a moving company, the first thing you want to do is narrow it down to a list of 4 or 5 moving companies. The best way to do this is to determine their quality of work through their online reputation. You can check, BBB.Org, Google Reviews,

My favorite place to check is They do a great job of ensuring that legitimate reviews are posted. It is also a very active community of users and it helps to get a great understanding of the company through people who have moved with them. When looking at first look at their rating.

  • You want to choose a moving company that is 4.5 stars or higher. Most markets have plenty of 5-star companies to choose from.
  • Look at if the owner/manager replies to the reviews. If the owner/manager is replying and engaging, it typically means they are highly involved in the business.
  • Look at how the owner replies to 1-star reviews. Are they defensive, blaming, or inconsiderate? This could be a quick indicator of a company to avoid.
  • Look at their response time and response percentage. If they are responding to messages under 1 hour and have over a 95% response rate, that is an indicator of an engaged management team. Engagement of management is a huge indicator of how they build their teams, manage their team, communicate with clients, and focus on the business.

The next thing you want to do when choosing a mover is to check and make sure they are properly insured. You can do this through . This will tell you if your moving company has their cargo insurance, proper DMV & DOT registrations, and auto insurance.

In addition to checking this, ask your moving company to include their Certificate of Insurance with your confirmation email. You want to make sure your company is actively carrying Cargo Insurance, worker compensation insurance, liability insurance, and auto insurance. These are all very important to making sure a client is protected under all moving scenarios.

Also, you want to ask your moving company about the coverage options in the event an item is damaged during your move. All licensed moving companies are required to offer the client a $0.60 per pound reimbursement in the event an item is damaged. As you can imagine, if you break a 50lb TV, $0.60 per pound isn’t much of a reimbursement. To protect yourself from this, you want to make sure your moving company offers additional valuation options. Moving companies don’t call this insurance, rather it’s referred to as “valuation”. These options provide a replace or repair option instead of the $0.60 per pound reimburse option. They do cost extra, typically ranging from $200-$500, but it is well worth it if you have valuable items. Remember, if a company isn’t confident enough to offer you a replace or repair option, they probably aren’t the right company for you.

By this point, you have checked the company’s reputation and made sure they are properly insured. Now you want to call and request a quote. During this process, you want to feel out the person you speak to and make sure you get a good feeling about the company. Your gut will typically lead you in the right direction.

  • If you have to call someone 5 times and leave 3 voicemails to get them to call you back, they probably aren’t the right moving company.
  • If they answer their phone and seem short or rude, they likely don’t have a focus on customer experience.
  • If they can’t make a good recommendation for your move that makes sense and logic to you, they probably don’t know their business that well or lack training their employees.
  • If they don’t follow through on their commitments of following up or sending you information, that could be a sign of their execution.

All of these things are important. You want to choose a moving company that their movers show up on time, with everything needed, have the training they need, and work hard to execute your move.

Lastly, you want to see if they are using trucks and trailers or Box Trucks. Ideally, you want to select a moving company that runs a fleet of box trucks.

  • Box trucks provide the proper set up on the inside to ensure they can stack your items correctly and in the safest manner.
  • Box trucks provide a better suspension system on the truck which allows for a smoother ride and a much less likely chance for damage.
  • Box trucks provide for more security in the event of an accident. If a car runs through your trailer, all of your furniture is ruined. If a box truck gets in an accident, it’s much more likely your stuff is ok. Box trucks sit up higher, built with safety as a focus, and are much sturdier and high quality than a trailer.

Now you need to narrow it down to a final 2 or 3 moving companies. Once you have done that, request an in-home estimate. Almost all moving companies provide an in-home estimate for free. This will allow you to meet a representative of the company and get a final feel for their presentation, experience, understanding of moving, etc. This also allows you to set an appointment with them and make sure they show up on time. If they are late, forget, or have issues, this could be a sign of what is to come. Once the estimate is complete, have them provide you a flat rate quote. Since they saw your items in person, they should be able to give you a flat rate verse an hourly quote. This provides the client with extra protection in making sure that they know the costs in advance.

We hope you found this helpful. For more information, or if you are moving in the Austin Texas Market, check out Blue Beaver Movers at

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